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Welcome to APTC

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC).

Over 15,000 Pacific Islanders from 14 Pacific Island Countries have graduated with an Australian qualification since APTC commenced delivery of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in 2007.


In 2017, APTC achieved a milestone of reaching 10 years of providing TVET in the Pacific.


We offer programs and qualifications from Certificate III to Diploma level in the automotive, manufacturing, construction, electrical, tourism, hospitality, education, management, and health and community services industry sectors.


The success of APTC is measured by the achievements of our students. Skills and qualifications assist individuals to gain employment or advance their careers or even start their own small business. Graduates across the Pacific region are sought after for their skills and knowledge; skills that they so readily share in their workplaces. Furthermore, this internationally recognised qualification assists those who wish to seek work opportunities abroad. This is very important to us at APTC but it is really only part of the story of success.  


APTC does not operate in isolation. Real success is underpinned by strong partnerships based on shared interests, mutual respect and trust. This is why we collaborate with many employers and industries across the region. We are demand driven, that is, we offer courses to develop real skills for employment, so important to the economic prosperity of Pacific Island Countries. We are active supporters of a broad range of industry associations and willingly participate in industry forums in order to gain feedback and ensure that our training is relevant.


We partner with training institutions and provide them access to the mature Australian TVET system to assist in building their own capacity in the delivery of TVET. The demand for skills development across the region is high and as such APTC actively supports the development of Pacific TVET systems. APTC seeks to partner with governments and their various agencies across the region in order to support TVET and to ensure we align with existing policy wherever possible.   


Most importantly, we partner with students themselves. We appreciate that our students are adults who come to APTC with a wealth of experience. All at APTC, our managers, trainers and tutors and administrative staff, are grateful for the opportunity to share in the learning experience. We encourage all our students to make the most of the training and to develop new networks and professional friendships with others from across the region. APTC has active Alumni with Chapters located in many of the Pacific Island Countries that promote APTC with pride. 


Success is best expressed by the words of one of our graduates. When asked what APTC did for him he replied, ‘It enabled me to believe in myself’.  Through continued partnership, I am confident that success will be shared into the future.


Chief Executive Officer

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