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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have been working in your industry for a while, no doubt you have developed some necessary skills and gained important knowledge, even if you do not have a related qualification. We may be able to recognise your current skills, knowledge and attitudes, regardless of how, when or where they were obtained. For example, your current knowledge may be the result of a combination of formal and informal training, together with work experience (paid and unpaid) or even everyday life experiences. This is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Our trainers can conduct a full RPL assessment for you to evaluate the credit you may receive for your education, training and employment up until now. For example, if you are a hospitality student and you have already worked in that field, you should know some of the content of the units within the Hospitality course. By undertaking RPL, you are able to gain recognition for skills you already have, and reduce the number of units you need to complete your qualification.  To undertake RPL, you will be required to provide sufficient evidence of your skills and knowledge aligned to the units you wish to RPL.


What are the advantages of RPL?

  • Can allow you to complete your course in a shorter period of time and at less cost
  • Can mean that you don't have to repeat or waste time learning what you've already learned
  • Can increase your career and education options through official recognition of your skills and knowledge
  • Can allow for greater flexibility in choosing the areas of study you wish to pursue


How to apply for RPL?

The RPL process comprises the following steps:

  1. You receive your enrolment form at your first class
  2. Complete the course enrolment form and place a tick against all units of the course for which you seek RPL (seek advice from an APTC representative if necessary)
  3. Provide evidence that you already have the relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes to get recognition for the units that you have ticked. Evidence supporting your claim must be authentic, valid, current, and in sufficient detail to be thoroughly examined by an experienced assessor. Evidence may include:
    • Certified copies of school reports or certificates from courses you've taken;
    • References from colleagues, supervisors or employers;
    • Proof of employment (e.g. a log book); and/or
    • Letters of support from senior industry managers; examples or samples of your work.
    • Other
  4. Sign and date the enrolment form and follow the instructions for sending it to the APTC representative


Applying for RPL assessment without enrolling in a course

You can apply for RPL as a separate process, without applying to enrol in a course at APTC. Contact the APTC office nearest you to discuss this process. There is a fee for this service. For details on how to pay your fees, please see the Paying your fees section of this web site. Cash or cheques cannot be accepted at any APTC office.

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