Creating Skills for life

Our Performance

APTC has an excellent record of providing quality training programs that meet the needs of our employers and students.

Employer Satisfaction

A 2019 survey of employers whose employees completed their studies with APTC in the past year indicates a rating of 98% overall satisfaction with the APTC programs. The same survey also indicates that 87% of employers agree that APTC training programs have had a positive impact on the technical, personal and professional development of their employees. Furthermore, employers also indicated over 91% agreement that their APTC graduate employees had a positive impact on productivity and business performance.

Employer Satisfaction


Graduate Feedback

A 2019 survey of APTC graduates indicated that 99% of graduates were satisfied with all aspects of APTC training and the impact it had on their personal and professional development one year after they had graduated.


Student Feedback

Student feedback from the Semester 2 2019 End of Course Survey indicates a very high level of satisfaction with APTC course content and delivery.



Since the beginning of operations in 2007, APTC has enrolled 17,400+ students of which 15,662 have gone on to successfully complete their programs in various disciplines.



Gaining Australian-standard skills and qualifications opens doors to employment in the wider Pacific region for APTC graduates who are interested in migrating. By the end of Dec 2019, 353 APTC graduates were reported to have migrated from their home country.

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